Computer technology and our success in the future

As we know, computer is now becoming one of the necessity in our lives. We need it to communicating with the person who at another part of the world, organize and storing our important data and making possible to the existence of e-commerce, and many others. Hence, we could not imagine the consequences if we losing it.

As a student, computer really helped me in many ways. I used it to work out on my assignments, organizing the presentations, surfing internet to search for informations, storing my datas, and assessing to e-learning of my university. Leaving aside of the useful of computer in making me keep in touch with my family, entertaining me by watching movie and listen to the musics. The focus here is how to use computer technology to achieve our goals in the future. But one thing that is certain that is computer need to be utilized by the technology of Internet.

So, since i will be graduate in one year period, i would also like to discuss about this topic. First, i think computer competencies can greatly influence our opportunities of getting jobs. This is because, nowadays, many organizations is willing to pay high salary to those computer experts. So in order to grasp the opportunity, we need to be advanced in computer technology.

Then, once we get the jobs, we also need to keep ourselves update with the changes of computer technology. The growth of computer technology is very speedy and changing every days. Therefore, it is not sustanable if we only stay with the current technology without looking for new things.

Furthermore, don't forget, we also need to concern about the ethics in using computer technologies. Sometimes, organizations loses because they was threaten by information theft. Most of the time, they are the employees inside the organizations. They steal the important informations and sell it to another competitors.

Lastly, in order to ensure the achievement of our goals, we need to think open-minded, accept the new technologies evoked, learnt how they functions and at the same time aggressively keep update with the relovution of technologies. Reluctance or resistance is only making left behind.


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