Integrated Packages vs Software Suites

In large company, people tend to do specialize their works or responsibilities. Therefore, it is common to see people perform a task repeatedly day after day. These people with these limited can usually get a single computer program, which is as specialize as they are. Conversely, for small business, people typically has different job duties or tasks need to be performed. In such a diverse work environment, integrated packages and software suites can make their life easier.

The typical integrated package places a variety of applications--a word processor, a spreadsheet, a database manager, a communications module, and a graphics component--on the same electronic "desk." There are numerous advantages inherent in an integrated package.

1) Low cost. It is affordable for the small business.

2) Convenient. An integrated package lets users juggle multiple tasks with similar ease. Switching between the individual applications in an integrated package usually requires a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.

3)Able to share information between modules. As its name implies that integrated packages typically make it easy to transfer, integrated data from one application to another. For example, after making financial calculations in a spreadsheet, we could copy the results directly into a project proposal being written with the word-processing module.

4)Each individual modules generally share a similar command structure. For this reason, procedures learned in one module can be applied to other activities as well.

However, integrated packages do has some drawbacks. Each module such as spreadsheet is limited to some basic functions. And, it may not be compatible with other popular business software. For this reason, it is not the best choice of large companies and professional use.

While, software suites is a collection of separate application programs bundled together and made available as a group. In other words, a software suites is a set of applications which can each stand alone. This is where it is different from the integrated packages.

The pros of software suites is also similar to the integrated packages. That is, it is more cost saving if purchasing the programs in a bundle. Another advantages is that all programs use is similar graphical user interface (GUI) of icons, tool, and status bars and menus which give them the same look and feel, and makes them easier to learn and use. Also, their programs are designed to work together seamlessly and import each other’s file easily; no matter which program is being using at the times. These capabilities make them more efficient and easier to use that using a variety of individual package version.

The cons of software suites are most users claimed that there are many software suite features are never being used. Furthermore, it requires a lot of disk space.


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