"New Folder.Exe" Virus

Regarding on the topic related to computer virus, I have one experience want to share with you. Few months ago, i copied documents into my pendrive while using computers in PSZ. Then after i went back to hostel, i opened the pendrive in my laptop. Oh my gosh, i realized that my pendrive get infected by virus. The virus then spread all over in my laptop. This virus hurt badly on my laptop. All the documents and files that i have saved in folder could not open. So i scanned my computers, but the virus is not detected.

All folders appeared as 'new folder.exe'. Other than that, it disabled the task manager. The worst is that it copies itself to all exe files and when the file is deleted another new folder.exe files are created. Not only that, i also realized that my system was running slow, this is because it had occupied my hard drive in terms of exe files. At first, i was not sure what virus it is. But, i tried to types all its criteria and search on Internet.

Finally, I found out it is a virus named 'new folder.exe'. I was so worry that all my files, documents, folders, photos and musics will be gone. The next day, i go to CICT, hope that they could help me to scan my computer and remove the virus. But the staff told me that,they only provide this service to UTM staff. I was helpless. So, i immediately seek help from some of my friends who are expert in computer. Finally, thanks god. One of my friend manage to help me to get rid of it. After this experience, i have learn a lesson that everyone should have an original antivirus tools in computers. Before this, i was using the AVG free antivirus. After this incident, I had bought myself Norton Internet Security 2011. It support three users, so me and my friend share together. It sold at RM150.

Now, i would like to share some information on the 'new folder.exe' virus. Lastly, i advise everyone should get an original antivirus programme, do not let your computer be naked and exposed to harms. :)

These are the virus removal tools and solutions:

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This is the antivirus that i am using now. You may review its specification and functionality.


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