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Do you hear radio news, TV news or reading news paper frequently? If yes, I'm sure you know about what bigger issues are happening now that is related with internet. Last month, i have read one very interesting news that is The Internet is running out of IP addresses in The Star Online .

As we know, the function of the IP address is used by devices called routers on the Internet to forward messages from one computer to another over the Internet. Every single connection have their own IP address. However, due to the increasing of internet user day by day, the IP address is also going to reduces day by day. Nowadays, people not only using their computer or laptop to connect to the internet, but they also using hand phone, Ipad, and so on.

For you information, we are currently using IP v4 that you are able to view it in your computer. This type of IP system standard provides a meagre 4 billion or so. At the time the IP address is going finish using by the people in the world now, the solution is----share IP address. It mean, you will not having your particular IP address anymore! How is your feeling when you hear about this solution? For me, I'm 100% shock by the news. Hahha...The reason why i act so is because i can't imagine that if one day, a person who share the same IP address with me do a criminal issues in the internet, sure i will get involve in the police investigation process. And i think the share IP address is not a good solution because it will increase the criminal issues in internet like i say just now.

Fortunately, according to the news that i mention before, the solution is not share IP address but after they discuss the problem, they will solve the problem by introduce a new IP system that is --IPv6. By introducing the IPv6, it's not only a way for to solve a problem for short-term period but it's also a very effective solution for long-term period. IPv6 allow for amounts to 340 "undercillion" (in where the number is followed by 36 zeroes. Compare with the IPv4 just meage for billion or so, the IPv6 come with a very large standard. All the process of introducing the IPv6 is under the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). At the same token, the introducing of IPv6 is also require the cooperation for many different associated and internet services provided. In where, they have to make sure that the systems can handle the new online addresses and properly route traffic. For your information, Google and Facebook is two of the major internet players that will lend their hand in successful the introducing process. What they will do is add the IPv6 addresses to their system in a one-day trial run on June 8 to let all parties involves check for trouble spots--Relaxnews 2011. So, if you face with something different or difficulties on that day when you are using Google or Facebook, don't worry^^

Hope my some information sharing and some of my opinion can let you know what is happening and also what will happening in the internet world recently and the future^^THX

World IPv6 Day will start at 0001 GMT on June 8


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