Do you know…Honda ASIMO has celebrated its 10th Anniversary on 31st October 2010? In a decade ago, Honda has successful to create a humanoid robot. By this advance creation in the technology field has generate a revolution in humanoid robot technology. Before the creation of Honda-ASIMO, they have already started a research from a quarter of a century ago and 14 years later, on 31st October 2000, ASIMO was created.

ASIMO is one of the Honda’s long standing programs of research and development into robotics and human mobility. They are still holding with their goal in which they believe that a robot will be able to help people in their everyday lives. Others that this, robot will take on some of the tasks that would be able to make all the human lives become easier and more pleasant at all. The benefits bring by the robot will not only toward home environment but it could any situation where people need support. Honda’ teams are now focusing on the development of the robot’s intelligence as well as improve the relationship or understand with human and robot. What they are trying to do is as well as makes the robot 100% same like the human. They want it become truly usable humanoid robot and is clever as like the human.

Do you think that the robot evolution is good for us? In my opinion, there is a advantages but it’s also has its own disadvantages. I think there is no need for me to tell you about the advantages of the industries but I want to share my opinion in the disadvantages. Let me start with home. If there are the robot will help us doing all the home keeping things then what the family member will do later? Just simply watching TV, sleep, or playing games? In industries, if the robot will be able to totally replace for human and even in the intelligence field, what we need to after study for so long? Or the firm no need to hiring employees anymore. Robot will help them to do the job more effective and efficiency. Then how about us? Become useless? It’s a statement that an advance country is always come with the high technology. But, if the robot will replace for the human job, there are no long job application for the human later. Its mean unemployment rate will increase also? It’s still mean that country still an advance country is good? However, this is the fact, technology has become important and more important nowadays, people can’t lives without technology now. so, in a conclusion here, it’s still make me confuse that its better for the continues of the evolution of the technology or not. Hahha..

Anyway, there is a website you can explore and interact with ASIMO- It is a very interactive and interesting website for me in where it can let me more understand and most important is I can play with ASIMO. You can give an order for ASIMO and then you are able to see how ASIMO is respond to your order. Go and try it^^

And there is the link for you to download the ASIMO sreen saver- Enjoy it^^

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