Input and Output Devices

At the beginning the input and output devices has been introduced until nowadays, there is a lot of evolution on it. The more obvious changing that we can found or see in the input and output devices now is the COMBINATION.
What i mean in combination? Let's me give an example, long time ago, we are using scanner as the input devices to scan image into the computer. Besides that, we are using printer to print out the document or photo that we want. But what we can see now is, these items is not long stay alone anymore.

Input devices + output devices = All in one

By these combination, it not only help user to save their money (even by these devices one by one), but it also make the user working in more effective and efficiency situation (help user to save their time, using same devices to do all that thing).

Others than fax machines or all in one printer, can you give me another examples^^

If you have follow the IT recent information, i think you will know about the Pen Computer. Actually it's an devices that the Japan IT researcher believe that it will fully replace for computer that we are using everyday now. The pen computer prototype has been develop in 2003 and been create by the Japan Technology Company but until now it's still under the development and improvement. Here i provide you a video regarding the computer in a future live (Pen Computer)

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What i want to discuss with you here is, will the input devices, output devices, or even combination (input + output) devices will disappear in the future IT field? The reason why i saying like that is, since the IT researcher can create an idea about the Pen Computer, then people still using input and output devices for what purpose? Screen monitor and keyboard can be replace by the laser and infrared technology. Human biology devices that use to verify the user identification can be replace by E- finger printing. All these thing is able to use me that, people now is tend to using something to replace for the input and output devices already. How do you think? It's only my own imagination or opinion? Or you think so? Share with me^^

The second think that i want to discuss regarding the Pen Computer is, what computer you want for for future? In my opinion, it's better if all the input and output devices can replace by some item that are able to do everything. For the video above we can see that the laser and infrared technology is able to replace for the keyboard devices and monitor screen that we are still using now. I think that, if all these devices can be combine into one item, it will give a lot of benefits for the users. Time and money of course is the most obvious benefits that we able able to relate. But others than that, by the combination all the input and output devices it can make users more convenient. Users can do anything , anywhere and anytime. For examples, we no need to bring a printer when we want to print a document. By the way, i believe, these advance technology is able to increase the productivity for not only normal users, but it will also increase the productivity of the organization.

What you want for your computer in your future? And how you think about the input and output devices in the future? Share it~~

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