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Expect surprises—exciting and positive opportunities. The latest technological developments offer you new opportunities to extend your range of computer competency. As we show in this chapter, software that for years was available only for mainframes has recently become available for microcomputers. This new generation of software, called specialized applications, now makes it possible to perform advanced tasks at home.
The latest technological developments have created an opportunity for home users to take advantage of software previously used only in professional environments. For example, it is now possible, and quite common, for people to create their own Web sites. Home users also have access to software that helps manipulate and create graphic images. Many musicians and artists work from home to create complex and beautiful work using specialized applications.
Some of these same technological advances have allowed researchers and computer scientists to make advances in the field of artificial intelligence that previously were envisioned only in science fiction. Robots now provide security and assistance in homes. Virtual reality is providing opportunities in the fields of medicine and science but also commonly appears in video games.
Competent end users need to be aware of specialized applications. They need to know who uses them, what they are used for, and how they are used. These advanced applications include graphics programs, audio and video editing software, multimedia, Web authoring, and artificial intelligence, including virtual reality, knowledge-based systems, and robotics.


FilmMaker -

RIP software for creating screenprint films on most commonly used inkjet printers. Precision tools that provide ultimate screen quality and film densities while simplifying a complicated and critical process in you screenprint production cycle.
FilmMaker- The screenprinters choice

• Featuring patent pending variable dot halftoning technology
• Biggest selection of printer support
• Easy to use interface featuring Visual Production Manager (VPM) a multiple printer and queue job management system

Digital Factory is essential for digital printing of color graphics. Digital Factory offers an award-winning RIP and:

File Management
• Print directly from most design applications or import files from them

Color Management
• Expert color management based on AGFA technology

Output Solutions
• Advanced queue system
• Wide selection of printer/cutter drivers
• Color profiles for all major printers

Only Digital Factory integrates all your digital printing production needs into one easy to use package.

Software development services for manufacturers and solutions providers looking to market unique workflow solutions that involve design, production and product web fulfillment.

Experienced, Market-Proven, Custom Software Provider

Design software
A complete design feature set that can be structured to meet specific market requirements.

Production software
Integrated production features and output device drivers that support a variety of production workflows including; Cutting (engravers, routers, plotters, etc), Printing (desktop and wide format printers) used in the production of goods.

Electronic web fulfillment
Management software for design, production and delivery of goods via the internet. Specializing in product customization and fulfillment of products across remote sites tied to a central production facility.

EngraveLab - The ultimate engraving software solution for rotary and laser engravers — A complete design to production package, or the perfect companion to CorelDraw™.

Your Creativity.
No signmaking software has as many design features specific to large format layout and design. Your imagination, our software, unlimited design possibilities.

Your Productivity
Unmatched workflow support. SignLab Version 9 is completely integrated with many popular design applications such as Corel, Illustrator and PhotoShop. Our customers enjoy seamless file sharing with all these applications. Visual Production Manager manages print, cut, print and cut workflows all in a single easy to use interface.

Your Opportunities
SignLab is the only signmaking software that enables virtually instant access to additional profit centers. Add-on specialty modules such as Vehicle Graphics, Engraving, Garment Decorating to your existing package and avoid having to learn new software when new business opportunities arise.

CADlink Technology Corporation is pleased to announce the release of SignLab Version 9.

SignLab Version 9 has been developed in accordance with detailed feedback from long-time users, resellers and manufacturing partners. Simplifying and streamlining design and production workflow is the driving force behind this release. The addition of new design tools for both bitmap and vector objects enhance the front-end design capabilities of the software. These design features plus a new integrated workflow between SignLab, third party design and RIP applications provides a robust signmaking, wide format imaging solution. This combination of tools simply cannot be found in any desktop publishing or signmaking software packages on the market today.

The inclusion of “Total Solutions Modules” as possible add-ons to SignLab V9, reinforces the positioning of the software as a complete, commercial production product. Customers are able to add “Professional Vehicle Graphics”, “Garment Decorating” (for either direct to garment printing or rhinestone application), “Sign Routing” or “Engraving” modules to most SignLab V9 packages and immediately begin to produce products without having to learn an entirely new software product.

“The new feature-set included within SignLab V9 is specifically intended to address design and production issues that signmakers face on a daily basis” says Jim Ramsden, CADlink President. “We are also very much aware that signmakers want to integrate and leverage the use of other design applications used in their daily workflow to produce vinyl cut signs as well as wide format digital print signage. SignLab V9 does exactly this”.

SignLab Version 9 includes the following key, new features;
• Optimized memory handling leveraging Windows 32 and 64 O/S’s; Windows 7, Vista and XP. Unmatched large file handling and RIP processing speeds.
• Automated workflow support from popular design applications such as Corel, Illustrator and PhotoShop.
• Easy to use menu-board design interface.
• Complete transparency support.
• Dozens of new bitmap and vector special effects features.


About CADlink Technology Corporation

Since 1987, CADlink Technology Corporation has been developing software applications for sign making, engraving, screenprintingĂź, garment decorating, routing and digital printing. Products include SignLab™, EngraveLab™, FilmMaker™, ProfileLab™, and Digital Factory™.
Recently CADlink has greatly expanded its software engineering scope to include custom software development for 3rd party OEM partners in a variety of niche markets that require design, printing, cutting and routing support.
CADlink’s corporate office is in Ottawa, Canada, and CADlink has branch offices in the USA, the UK, and Germany. CADlink software is available in over 50 countries worldwide, in 14 languages, through more than 200 dealers.


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