Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be defined as a technology that enables users to enter computer generated worlds and interface with them three dimensionally through sight, sound, and touch. Virtual reality combines computer simulation and visualization into a single, coherent whole.Virtual reality is contending to be the interface of the future, allowing ordinary users to use their senses to interact with complex data.

Virtual reality has reached far beyond the interest of only computer scientists and engineers. It has also peaked interest in many other fields including; communication and telecommunication industrialists, artists, the entertainment industry, the medical field, the military, and major businesses and industries. Virtual reality is rapidly becoming an advanced means for communication. Virtual reality technology allows for users to observe and access information in a number of ways.

Virtual reality will be used in order to prevent mistake or practice trial and error. For example, in the medical field simulated surgery would serve in the training of new doctors and medical students. Experimentation with new procedures on simulated patients could become possible as well. In the military the use of simulators has been a practice for years. The use of virtual reality would provide even more advanced, realistic situations for military training in flight as well as in combat. Virtual reality in businesses and corporations would provide tremendous means of communication and equal access to data.

There are also several drawbacks to this technological advance. The present cost and the complications with the virtual reality equipment are two of the main negatives facing scientists. For example, the head set sometimes cannot keep up with the natural movements of the user's head. The issue of dehumanization in our society is a another negative aspect. Virtual reality, if as widespread as predicted, could result in a significant decrease in human interaction in the real world.

In addition, virtual reality defeats the traditional view that fantasy is unattainable. In a way fantasy and what we cannot obtain is intrinsic to our existence. People may begin to spend more and more time in their preferred "virtual or fantasy world" and less time in reality. If we begin to lose our hold on distinguishing between fantasy and reality, it may ruin our lives.

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